Leanne Girdwood RMN 0414 240 184 leanne@mothercraftcare.com.au

 Please note that Leanne’s services are only available in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

(Melbourne Metro and Mornington Peninsula)

Who is Leanne Girdwood?

I am a Mothercraft Nurse*, with 40 years of varied experience in infant and child care. I am also the mother of two wonderful daughters, and grandmother of four very adorable little people.

What is a Mothercraft Nurse?

I’m often asked this question. A Mothercraft Nurse does two things: she provides care to babies and children from birth to six years, and she provides support and education to the parents (and extended family) of babies and young children.
Our qualification (which is no longer taught) allows us to work in several areas. In the past, Mothercraft Nurses were an integral part of hospital postnatal nursing care, teaching and supporting new parents and caring for the new babies. Many Mothercraft Nurses are now working in the provision of childcare (both centre based and private home care). Mothercraft Nurses work in mother and baby units, and some of us provide home-based care and support.

What is Mothercraft Care?

After a varied career in both postnatal care and child care, and raising my own children, I could see that there is a need within the community for home-based support and education of new parents, beyond what is available from the hospitals, medical profession and maternal and child health service. To that end, I offer a number of different services.
Raising babies is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes there are difficulties associated with sleeping, eating, teething, toilet training etc. Over the years I have helped many families to find solutions to these and other problems.