Hi Leanne! I just wanted to write and let you know that I followed your advice and Archie is healthy, happy, and started gaining weight again. I’m also still breastfeeding 🎉

We’ve had him on solids for a few weeks now and I’m so glad you recommended giving his tummy a break when we spoke. He’s definitely sensitive to something (or a cluster of things) and although he’s in pain when he comes into contact with the wrong foods, he’s fully recovered from the virus so no longer has that as an added strain on his body.

Now we can focus on figuring out his allergy/intolerance without all of the other added stressors.

Thank you again for the conversation in April- you helped clear my mind at a time when I was overwhelmed and needed to find a direction 🙏🙏🙏

-Alannah, currently living overseas

Despite being in a private hospital for 4 nights, I didn’t feel confident breastfeeding and felt anxiety around this. Following multiple traumatic experiences in the hospital, including cracked nipples and pressure from lactation consultants to persevere despite the pain, I hadn’t wanted my baby anywhere near my breasts.

As soon as Leanne walked in the door, I felt comfortable and relaxed. After talking through my issues and asking her multiple questions, she listened without judgement and counselled me. I felt reassured and so much happier.

Leanne doesn’t use a one size fits all approach; she tailored her service to me and my needs and didn’t put any pressure on me to breastfeed.

However, after talking with her, I felt ready to try breastfeeding again. Leanne helped me set up in a comfortable position and carry out my first successful breastfeed; successful because I felt confident I could replicate the position without her being there and because I wasn’t scared anymore.

Leanne has instilled confidence in me and after a week I was breastfeeding every feed. I still check in with her because she genuinely cares.

I’ve recommended Leanne to multiple friends who have been through similar issues.


“We found Leanne via google as we were at a point where we didn’t know what to do about our daughter’s sleeping issues. Leanne was incredibly grounded, experienced and took genuine interest in our situation. As a result our daughter got into a routine and began to put herself to sleep, this was hugely beneficial to our sanity! Leanne quickly developed a great rapport with our daughter as she has a natural affinity with babies and young children. If we were to have a second child we would request Leanne’s services from day one.”

– Grant & Ivana

Leanne was a fantastic help and support both before and after the birth of our twin daughters. The overnight care she provided helped my husband and I keep our sanity during those early baby days. Her wisdom and advice on all issues from feeding to routine to settling was invaluable and we always felt completely safe and secure leaving our precious little ones in her care. We have since recommended Leanne to another friend who needed support with her newborn and would have no hesitation in doing so again, especially where multiples are involved. Thank you Leanne!

– Fiona & Ross

“Leanne was a great support to us during the period immediately after the birth of our second child. As a couple coming from overseas and interstate, we had no close family to lean on when our newborn arrived. In addition to this, I had suffered with PND after the birth of our first child and knew I would need some additional help second time around. We hired Leanne to stay with us 24/7 for a two-week period, and then to provide overnight care 3 nights a week for a further 6 weeks. This support enabled us to get back on our feet quickly after the birth, which crucially meant we could continue to devote time and attention to our other child. Leanne has a wealth of experience regarding newborns, and with mothers who have suffered from post natal complications, and comes highly recommended by us.”

“Leanne first helped us when our son Jonathan was 13 months old. We were given her details by a cousin whose baby she had cared for, and told that she had a particular gift for helping unsettled babies to sleep. At the time, Jonathan was sleeping in our bed, waking multiple times a night and constantly wanting a breastfeed. We were desperate to wean him, to get some sleep and get our bed back. Jonathan had been to sleep school, but the sleep school methods hadn’t worked. Leanne sorted out our problems in just two short visits. The first thing I noticed was that, unlike the sleep school nurses, Leanne tailored her approach to Jonathan’s personality and our parenting style. It was a relief to learn that we didn’t need to leave Jonathan to cry for him to learn how to sleep well in his cot. Over the last two years, we’ve regularly left Jonathan in Leanne’s care and she has helped us sort out all sorts of toddler issues, from food refusal to tantrums and toilet training. When our son Nicholas was born five months ago, we made sure that Leanne was involved in his care from day one. As a result of Leanne’s skills, Nicholas not only feeds and sleeps well, but settles happily in his cot. We are very grateful to Leanne for helping us, and especially recommend her to people who don’t want to resort to controlled crying.”

– Fiona and Blair

“Leanne is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to babies and children and has been a fantastic help to us and our newborn baby! She has a natural way with babies and really takes in what the problems are and provides a solution and support when you really need it. We had so many questions to ask, and she always has the answer. Leanne came to visit our baby at home as he wasn’t settling in the cot, and was sleeping in our bed. She gave us a routine to settle him, and lots of tips and from that night onwards we were so happy as he slept in the cot and is now very content there. She gave us the support and encouragement we needed to make the transition to have him sleeping in the cot. This also helped us get some good sleeps and break any habits early on with our baby. We are so glad that we called Leanne in as she is incredible. She has also been an amazing support to other members of our family who have had children, they found Leanne to be fantastic when they needed help and support with their babies and that is how we came to know her. We would highly recommend her. Thank you Leanne!”

“Dearest Leanne, words can’t express our thanks to you for not only taking wonderful and loving care of our very special babies Lewis and Patrick, but being such a caring mothercraft nurse to Frank and I and of course our extended family – you were always there for Frank and I and showed true care and understanding at all times, we will miss your kind nature and your loving care of our two boys however we know that we will see you again. All our love and best wishes to you and your family”

– Julie & Frank

“Leanne has visited us several times since our first child was 4 months old, and has helped us survive having two! She has come to us for daytime visits, and she has stayed with us overnight when I was desperate for that wonderful full night of sleep. Her wisdom and her experience, and her ability to calmly sort out our problems, is something I have come to rely on. I have two happy, healthy babies who sleep well, and I am a confident Mum, thanks to Leanne’s support. I have given Leanne’s number to several of my friends and family, and will continue to do so.”


“My wife had hit rock bottom, she did not know how to stop our son from crying, and she felt like she could not cope any more. My son was crying, my wife was crying, I was crying. Then I found Leanne online. From our first phone conversation, I felt sure I had found somebody who could help us. She explained things about my son that made sense, before she even met him. When Leanne walked in the door,she picked up my son, and began to soothe him, in five minutes, he was asleep in her arms. He slept for two hours! This is a baby who hasn’t slept more than 30-40 minutes straight, since his birth! After this she helped my wife with her breast feeding. My wife was amazed. Zac got on her breast more easily and fed better than before. Now we know it was an Attachment problem. Leanne taught us about breast feeding and about sleeping, and wrote us pages of notes. It all made sense. In four hours, Leanne turned our world around. We can’t recommend her highly enough and have given all our friends her number. Thanks Leanne, love the Johnstons”